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St Chad's Mothers' Union meets on the second Wednesday of each month, and is now back in the Church Hall on a regular basis.

Most months we have a speaker, but at least twice a year we go out for lunch, and occasionally we have a social afternoon, to catch up and enjoy tea and cakes together.

We don't have a programme for this year's meetings, but our dates until the end of 2021 are:
Wednesday 13th October, Wednesday 10th November, Wednesday 8th December.

The Mothers' Union is a worldwide group, founded by Mary Sumner in 1876, which grew from very humble beginnings to having over 4 million members in 81 countries, and we are the only women's group in the world to have a voice at the United Nations. Whilst our work in the UK is not very high profile in many African countries, which have the most members, it is a force to be reckoned with, giving women a voice and much needed respect.

If you would like to know more about the St. Chad's group, or Mothers' Union in general, please do not hesitate to contact us on and we'll put you in touch with the group leader, Diane Turner.

The Mothers' Union is a worldwide organisation with 3.7 million members in 78 countries. The Subscriptions paid annually by our members, and money raised by MU Enterprises (from the sale of literature and hiring of conference rooms and accommodation at Mary Sumner House) finance the Support Staff of the Organisation. Therefore we know that every penny raised by our fundraising efforts goes straight to the projects that we wish to support.

  • The Relief Fund sends grants to areas in need, whether through drought, flooding, cyclone, earthquake or war torn areas. We have members on the ground that know the needs of their neighbourhood and can soon get help, whatever it may be.
  • The Literacy and Developments Programme has reached around 495,000 people enabling them to grow in confidence and begin income generating projects which will help them to become self sufficient.
  • The Worldwide Parenting Programme enables both parents to take an active part in their children's development.
  • The Family Life Programme in Uganda encourages husband and wife to work together, making positive changes in their communities.

In the British Isles we donate to 'The Away from it All' holiday scheme, giving a break to families under stress. The Parenting Programme is a source of encouragement to many families.

Chester is the only Diocese in the UK to have its own full time Development Worker. Jenny works for MU in conjunction with the Diocesan Committee for Social Responsibility to resource members and clergy in the field of Family Life support.

Here in Wybunbury, our members are most generous with both their time and money. Not only do they knit and sew for the local Neonatal Unit at Leighton Hospital, but members donate toiletries and household goods to the Women's Refuge in Crewe. When looking at our local community we noticed the increasing numbers of babies around, and so we began ' First Steps'. It is an opportunity for carers of babies and young children to meet and relax in safe surrounding, supported by our members.

For more information about MU in Chester Diocese

For more information about the Worldwide Organisation

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